World’s Longest And Widest Cable Bridge

For the information of the readers, World’s longest and widest cable Bridge has now been complete and finished and it is located and situated in China. It is a sort of Sea Bridge in China which is 6.2 miles long. This bridge is been considered and ranked as longest and widest multi –pylon Cable Bridge. This bridge was completed in the duration of 7 years and 2, 56 ft wide. This bridge is now open and can be used by the residents of China. This bride is named by the name Jiaxing-Shaoxing Sea Bridge.

It is on the Hangzhou Bay, in Shaoxing in China. This longest and widest cable bridge is supported by the two cable towers these two cable towers are 745 ft in height and are 2.56 ft wide. It is a six lane bridge. This bridge has been designed specially and exclusively for those vehicles and transporters that have a travelling speed of 60 mph and above. From the Maqing road in Haicang and ending at Houzhai, Longhai in Zhanghou, this is actual route of this widest and longest cable bridge.

As we all know that China is that country that has already three bridges that are been included in top ten World’s longest and widest cable Bridges. Those bridges are named by The Russky Bridge in Vladivostok, The Sutong Bridge in Suzhou and Nantong Bridge. If you want to know other news and information with regard to this global world the stay connected and tuned with us. We will be updating you on timely and regular basis if some constructions like these sorts of bridges will arrive in this global world. Let us all see and watch that what China will be having next and what next record it will be making!


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