25 + Wonderful Pictures of Taj Mahal Agra India

We decided to write for Taj Mahal which is exceptional place founded in Agra India, although our purpose is to provide you the 25+ wonderful pictures of Taj Mahal but before going towards pictures we feel necessary to discuss about it. Whenever the discussion of loving people is made then Taj Mahal should be the part of that discussion. There are several wonderful places in the world and Taj Mahal is one of them and it has been noticed that very few people know about the real history of this Mahal (Palace).

Actually the story of Taj Mahal starts with love relation as there was a prince Khurram who was fallen in love with 15 years old queens (Mumtaz) and they wait for 05 years. During this period they never met each other and then somehow they managed to marry after facing some difficulties in 1612. Thus their marriage life starts, they were living very happily but thereafter at the age of 39 Mumtaz the queens died. The Prince Khurram was so sad due to this major incident of his life and he has been celebrating his sorrows for 02 years, during the period of 02 years neither any function was celebrated nor enjoyed any happy moment in whole of country.                        wallpaper of taj mahal free download

Construction of Taj Mahal:

After the death of Queen “Mumtaz” the Prince decided to construct a palace for remembrance of Queen and ordered to construct a palace that has never been found in the world. Walled city of Agra was chosen for Taj Mahal and thus the construction of Mahal started in 1632. There was about 03 acres area selected for the purpose. The design of Taj Mahal was formed by Ustaad Ahmad Lahauri, Abdul Karim Ma’mur Khana and Makramat Khan. More than 1000 elephants were used to bring material from all over India and some other Asian countries. The basic construction of Mahal was completed in 1643 however the architect work has been continued and with the passage of time renovation work is being done.

During the Pak India war in 1965 the Pakistan army threatens to destroy the Taj Mahal but later on this decision taken back however the Japanese and Germen Air Force attacked. But there is huge risk of environmental pollution because Yamuna River is flowing with Mahal and the water of river has become so much polluted due to wastage of Mathura Oil Refinery therefore the building colour of Mahal has converted to Yellow. The Government of India has now taken steps as Taj Trapezium Zone of approximately 4000 square meter has been constructed around the Taj for the prevention.

Attraction of Tourists:

It is one of the great place in India which attracts millions of tourists every year as according to the statistical of UNESCO about 02 million people visited the palace in the year of 2001 alongwith 200,000 tourist across the world. The Government of India felt that tourists are not much facilitated as they should be therefore Mumtazabad near to Taj Mahal reconstructed according to the need of latest era. The hotels, markets and other facilitated places were constructed. Tourists guidance have been appointed to intimate them wonder of Taj Mahal. If you have chance to visit the Taj then don’t forget to visit the following places:

  • Riverfront
  • Mosque and Gust House
  • Screen
  • Jama Mosque
  • Agra
  • Great Gate
  • Forecourt

Wonderful Pictures of Taj Mahal Agra India:

We have brought this post only for wonderful pictures of Taj Mahal Agra India. It is the great place in India therefore it is the reason plenty of national and international tourists come here to see the wonder of this place. Moreover as far as concerned to internet search which in thousands for Taj Mahal as people love to use the pictures of Taj Mahal for screensavers. We have provided the Taj Mahal wallpapers free download, wonderful pictures, HD Wallpapers, High Quality wallpapers and photos of Taj Mahal here. The pictures given in post are stunning and can be free download. So lets have view of great pictures of Taj Mahal below:

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