Windows 8.1 Preview Now Available

Windows 8.1 PreviewEarlier in the year, Microsoft made an official announcement about the first mega update to Windows 8. Whereas the free upgrade was once codenamed Blue, preview by the public has started and is available for people to read it. The best part is, that Windows 8.1 has brought back the Start button, which surely is point of sincere contention for a lot Windows 8 users. The complete release of the Windows 8 is still in progress and is scheduled to be released later this year.

There are various improvements which are included in the new Windows 8.1 update. The ‘Metro’ tiles in the Windows 8 now can be seen with more customization in terms of its size, offering users to set the tiles small or big. LeBlanc notices this “change” as the most applicable to tablets, and also scaling down the tiles lets the user for more screen real estate.

“The most amazing part of Windows’s 8.1 is the start screen customization, applications and also the files can be synced across all the Windows 8.1 PCs and also tablets, which is incredible,” states LeBlanc.  “If I want to change my Start screen, get in more apps, ad new apps to the Start screen on one PC – all that automatically gets synced to my other PCs, how amazing is that?”

Redesign has also been received by the Windows Store, and way beyond mandatory updates to some of the Windows 8 apps. Microsoft is also planning to release new apps in few days. Windows 8.1 preview can now be downloaded right at this moment from the Windows Store. But, always remember to back up all the data before installing.

For more and further updates keep visiting the page. At, last the final words are that the new Windows 8.1 is definitely one of the most advanced software for users to experience. Share your thoughts once you use the updated Windows 8.1!!!

Windows 8.1 Preview Download

Windows 8.1 Preview Download

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