Pakistani Fashion Designer Sana Safinaz

Pakistan’s fashion industry has taken a different level in the world. There was a time when the fashion industry of Pakistan was nowhere in the picture. But, due to the introduction of few talented and incredible fashion designers, we now can say that the fashion industry of Pakistan is not the same as before, its better and growing each and every day. For this article, that’s what we’re going to be talking about. Sana Safinaz are one of the designers who has contributed a lot in the upbringing and helping the Pakistani fashion industry to touch the skies.

Safinaz Munir and Sana Hashwani are the two brilliant minds and are the two creative designers behind the success of Sana Safinaz. Sana Safinaz is one of the most famous and well liked brands of Pakistan. Their creations are always unique and have always been filled with colors, cuts are always very simple and elegant, their designs are not too fancy, but fits perfectly for the likes of Pakistani women.

Whenever they launch their summer collection and whenever they introduce new line of their designs people all over Pakistan go crazy and huge cues gets lined up at every store wherever they could find Sana Safinaz’s clothes. Women and girls of Pakistan have become very fashion conscious and trendy and they have also become very choosy and specific about their wants, and the basic success behind Sana Safinaz clothes are that they know exactly what women and girls demand from them. That is the core reason why Sana Safinaz is in huge demand.

Their designs are very much different from the Indian designers and no such similarity can be seen between their designs and the Indian designs, but at the same time is it deeply and strongly connected with the eastern culture. Their clothes completely reflects the culture of Pakistan and at the same time it makes women and girls look trendy and classy.

Sana Safinaz was also announced as the most searched designers of Pakistan in the world. Many people around the globe wait for the day when they launch their designs and till then they keep searching on the web if they can get a peek of their designs. It is a great achievement to be announced as the most searched designers of Pakistan in the world.

They have created from bridals dresses to beautiful summer prints; they have never let down their fans and have always blended tradition with sheer class.

In short, Sana Safinaz has played a very vital role in promoting the Pakistan’s fashion industry around the globe. They are in demand because they offer sheer class and quality. They are the best when it comes to summer collected or even bridal dresses. Whatever they offer, they offer the best and have the tendency to satisfy each of their customers.

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Latest Eid Collection 2013 By  Sana Safinaz


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