Pakistani Fashion Designer Nomi Ansari

Pakistani fashion industry has grown a lot in the past decade or so due to the introduction of a number of fashion designers. There was a time when the Pakistani fashion industry was going nowhere with its trend and designs, but now we can proudly say that Pakistan’s fashion industry is not only growing at a rapid pace but is also being appreciated around the globe.

Here, in this article we’re going to be sharing some information about the Pakistani fashion designer who has contributed a lot in the growth of Pakistani fashion industry, Nomi Ansari. He absolutely needs no introduction whatsoever; he has been a regular and a very important part of the fashion industry for a very long time now. Nomi Asnari completed his graduation from Pakistan School of Fashion Design (PSFD) in the year 2001. Since his graduation from PSFD, Nomi Ansari has been very busy designing classic and trendy outfits. Nomi Ansari has displayed his outfits with many famous and gorgeous fashion models, Showbiz stars and film stars such as, Vaneeza, Nadia Hussain, Z.Q, Iraj, Toobah, Aminah, Suneeta, Resham, Zara, Mahnoor Baloch, Nirma, Samina Perzada and many more.

Nomi Ansari is a very versatile designer who has introduced many different styles of dresses such as Prêt, formal party wear, Sarees etc. He successfully integrated the traditional/eastern style with the modern element in it; the best example that illustrates this statement is his party/fancy wear outfits. Apart from party wear and pert, the designs of his sarees are also a famous recognition of Nomi Ansari. Due to his success in designing sarees, now he has started to design a complete different range of sarees for the women and girls of Pakistan.

Nomi Ansari believes that the philosophy and ideas behind his designs are surrounded by the thought that understanding and accepting the fact that there can be no standard design and no uniformity. His core purpose and goal is to make his customers look elegant, stunning and beautiful because he tries to make his dresses very comfortable.

Nomi Ansari is famous and growing each day around the globe. Pakistani fashion designer Nomi Ansari has also been a part of various fashion shows all over the world. Such as, Bridal Asia, 2003 at Kolkata, India, Marriot 2005, Lables March, Dubai February 2005, Karachi January, Lux Style Awards October 2005, Veet Show, Wedding Asia etc.

In short, to some it all up, Nomi Ansari is an outstanding fashion designer for Pakistan. He truly is an asset to the fashion industry because he always comes up with different and attractive designs. People around the globe have accepted Nomi Ansari only because he delivers the best to his clients. By looking at success of Nomi Ansari, one can surely assume that he is going to do wonders to the Pakistani fashion industry and will definitely act as a role model for many young designers to come along in the industry.

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