Pakistan Actress Bushra Ansari

Bushra Ansari is one of the leading and the most experienced female actors in the history of Pakistan. She is a very versatile actor who has done so many roles and so many different works in her entire career to date. If we look at her work, then we can easily see how talented she is. Be it as a female actor, comedian, a singer, hosting a television show, writing a play and so much more. There’s hardly any role that she didn’t do justice to. Back in the days and still in the current times, she leaves behind the best of the actors when it comes to natural and amazing acting.

Bushra Ansari was born in Karachi in 1956, May. She is the daughter of Ahmad Bashir. Bushra Ansari commenced her career at a very early age when she was just a child and when now she is about 57 she is still leading the continuing the entertainment industry with her unique sense of acting and versatility. She is definitely considered as the most talented and the best names among other various television personalities due to her since work commitment and ethics as television artist for a period of four decades.

She got married in 1978 to a producer Iqbal Ansari and has daughters. She has total 3 sisters and from which two sisters of Bushra Ansari, Asma Abbass and Sumbal Bashir are also a part of the entertainment industry and are going a good job as well. Since the start of her career and up till now, she has done some outstanding work in TV shows such as Show time, Fifty Fifty, Lose talk and Mera Naseeb, Aangan tera, Doli ki ayaygi barat etc.

She has not only done projects for PTV only, but has been a part of Hum TV, Geo TV also. For Geo TV, she hosted a live show named “Brunch with Bushra” and for Hum TV she was a producer of cooking show. And by just looking at the amount of work she has done, it clearly defines her as a versatile personality. She has won a number of awards as a female artist such as Women’s achievement award, Pride of performance award and many more.

In short, Bushra Ansari is one of the best and the most unique female actors Pakistan has ever had. Has Pakistan has many other talented TV artists, but it is sure that nobody could fill in her place because when she acts whether it’s a serious role or a comedian role, she gives her soul into it and pleases each and every fan of hers. If anyone of you has not yet watched her TV shows then it’s a sad moment because it’s a treat to watch her act.

At last, Bushra Ansari is by far the most talented TV artists and we hope that she keeps giving her best work to the industry and keeps her fans smiling whenever they watch her act.

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