Online Jobs in Pakistan for Students without Investment

Are you searching online jobs in Pakistan without the investment?  Are you student, House wife or job holder and want to increase your earning?  If your answer is in yes then here is the helping hand for you! We all know that these days as at one side the employment level is getting reduced in Pakistan, then on the same side there are millions of people all around the world who are making their way inside the online jobs. Young generation boys and girls and the students of bachelor level are driving their way into the online jobs through which they do get the chance to earn great sum of money at home.

In this way in the morning they carry out their studies and in the evening time they can manage the time for the virtual career. Now without wasting any time right I highlight the list of top 12 best online jobs for the Pakistani students, housewives and job holders. All the online jobs which we will be mentioning are without the investment hurdles, so you can freely opt for the job that is meant according to your comfort. Scroll down and read the list of famous.

Online jobs in Pakistan without investment:

Content Writer: On the top is content writing job. This online job has been readily getting out being popular among the young boys, girls and other persons. You can do this job easily at your home if have good English reading, and writing skills. For this jobs you don’t required any degree or professional skills. The only requirement of this online job is that you should have a strong grip command on the English language and ability of creative writing.

If you want to start your career as a content writer then first of all search some sites which gives you a chance to submit your articles. After searching these kinds of sites, read their term and conditions then create content and submit your article on these sites. Wait for approval of your content. Website owner approve your articles after 24 and they takes maximum one week. After approving they publish your article. In case of rejection write again and submit. After publishing five articles now offer your paid services locally. They offer you one USD to 1.5 USD which is equal to 100 to 150 pkr. After getting grip you can offer your services to international clients. If you can create content and willing to do this job then question arise, how can you start it?  I guide you in details how you can do this job. In Article writing training course, you can learn the skills of creative writing and can become a writer which gives you a chance to earn money online.

Graphic & Designs: Coming up to the next online job is graphic and designing! In this work you should be well experienced in your graphic designing skills. This job is perfect for you if you love to play with graphic designing. If you have basic how know with the art of graphic and designing then you can start playing with the art of graphics and designing, show your skills, prove yourself and earn an handsome amount online. If your designs satisfy your customers then you can get opportunity more work and returning customers can increase your online earnings.  There are many websites are available online however, I will recommend for you:, and etc.

These are popular and trusted sites and millions freelancers are working on these sites. You can also search some other sites which offer these kinds of services. After signup create a complete profile and write in details about your skills. So are you ready to earn best amount of money with this online job?

  1. Virtual Assistant: You might not have listen about this job but it is freshly coming out to be one of the most demanding job. In this profession all the applicants or the professional administrative or creative assistants will be able to remote all the functions and tasks from their home place. Since the last few years this career has endorsed thousands of people who earn with the handsome amount of money just by staying at their doorstep. You just need to have amazing and creative assistance skills in order to manage the paperwork. You should give a once try to this job right now! You will be finding it so thrilling and exciting!


  1. Micro Jobs: These are another one of the deluxe online jobs in Pakistan that are best enough for the students without any investment. This work has been basically divided into various portions that is meant according to the types. You are left with the options where you can work either as online or in some office. You will be given the tasks of the writing blogs along with virtual assistants along with website designing and much more. You will be getting the income in this online job according to the job which you have opt out. If you are best with your micro skills then without any second thought in mind grab this online job now!


  1. Online Teaching: Online teaching jobs are best for the teachers and professors who are not finding it best to move out in the educational centers to serve the teaching services. For getting into this online job it is important that you should have the qualification of the subjects which you are offering for the teaching. You can make the use of the social media on which you can let the students know about your online job teaching center. As you will gather around the 3-4 students then no one can stop you to earn the greater sum of money through this online job.


  1. Data Entry Jobs: On the 6th spot of our list we will be bringing the name of the data entry jobs! For some of the beginners this job is quite a lot complicated and intricate to follow around. But that’s not true at all! Once you put your way inside this job then you will 100% be finding it complete effortless. Data entry jobs are all about the calculations and data entry tasks for which you should have strong skills in the accounting and English creative writing.


  1. Writing Product Reviews: On the next on our list we will be adding up with the name of writing product reviews! This job is quite difficult for the beginners but still it is known out to be one of the most demanding online jobs for the students. Right inside this job task you would be given the task to write the review about some product. You should keep the product review content unique and attractive so that it would grab the attention of the users on your product review. So are you ready to be the part of this online job?


  1. Translator Jobs: Highlighting at the next we will be adding up with the name of translator online job! This online job has been although introduced just newly but it is still getting high in demands. This job is ideal for the students who are fully aware of all kinds of languages. You can start this job by your own in which you would be given the task to translate some project in some other language. For example if the client has a project in Chinese language and they want you to translate it in English then this online job is known as translator job.


  1. Voice over Jobs: Have you ever tried with the voice over jobs? If not then you should get linked with this online job as it is one of the readily fastest growing online jobs in the world. This online job has the concept that is much similar to the Call center jobs where you will be dealing with the customers just by sitting at your home. You should have a strong command on the English speaking along with excellent communication skills.


  1. Network Marketing: On the 10th spot we have the name of network marketing online job! This online job is ideal for the students who are fully aware of the advertising and marketing secrets. Inside this online job you would be given the tasks of undergoing with some marketing of product on your network places. You should be associating yourself with the social media in order to market any product. You should try with this online job now and we are sure that it would be standing best according to your expectations.


  1. Real Estate Advisor Jobs: Real estate advisor online jobs are another one of the most famous and top wanted online jobs in the world. It is not always possible that you should be attending the real estate offices for being their advisor. You can even consult them by sitting at the home. You can make them know about the properties and lands that are best accessible in the city around you. This would let you to earn the commission as your income by sitting at home.


  1. Social Media Manager Jobs: On the last on our list we have the name of social media manager jobs! This online job can come across as best for the students who are all the time on the social media. They just need to undergo with the management of some Facebook fan on the social media. You can link yourself with some famous celebrity or brand and carry out their fan page on social media and in return earn the income.

Conclusion: So these have been the top 12 best online jobs for the Pakistani students which are without any investment. All the jobs are reliable and best to earn the handsome amount of money just by sitting back at home! So which one of the online job do you want to choose for yourself?


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