Biography of Mila Kunis and 24 Beautiful Pictures

There are many popular actresses in the Hollywood film industry but this is the time to discuss about Mil Kunis. We not only have long discussion about famous celebrity but have provided you 24 beautiful pictures of Mila Kunis.


Mila Kunis who was born as Milena Markovna is the multitalented and popular American actress. She was born on 14th of August 1983 in Soviet Union. The mother Elvira was a physics teacher who has been running a pharmacy later on and the father “Mark Kunis” was mechanical engineer. She has one brother. The parents lived in Ukraine but they travelled to America as think there is no future of their children in native country so moved to Los Angeles for better future of their children. Just after one day of arrival in Los Angeles her parents sent Kunis to Rosewood Elementary School for early education. She has been facing many problems as the culture of Los Angeles vast to different from their native land; however she was 07 year of age when they got admission in Hubert Howe Bancroft Middle School alongwith her brother.  After school education she was admitted in Fairfax High School and graduated in 2001. Later on she has also been attending Loyola Marymount University also located in Los Angeles.

Biography of Mila Kunis and 24 Beautiful Pictures

Early Career:

Kunis was only nine of year of age when she attended the acting class and she impressed with her acting skills in first audition therefore she got a chance for working in commercial under the supervision of Susan Curtis. At the age of 14 she was selected due to good performance in Fox sitcom That 70s show for the role of Jackie Burkhart but unfortunately she was rejected as the requirement of age was 18 but the producer had feelings that there is no alternative of Kunis for the role therefore she worked as Jackie Burkhart as the little start. Due to her tremendous performance she won consecutively two awards for young star.

Professional Career:

After TV and commercial success Kunis entered in the world of film and worked for first film namely American Psycho but that was really poor experience for her, however she worked in Forgetting Sarah Marshal which was a comedy film and produced by Judd Apatow. It was the turning point of her career because she worked exceptionally well in her second film. Later on she has been working in many films and soon become one of the most famous American actress in Hollywood film industry. In 2009 she worked another comedy film “Extract” and this film earned about $11.00 million in box office and she received positives appraisals from people. The period of 2012 till now has been the best of her career because she had good experience about acting therefore she worked very nicely. Due to her good performance as actress she won many awards at national life.

Personal Life and Relationships:

Kunis has not been found to use famous social media websites such as Myspace, Facebook and Twitter because she thinks that why she introduce the world about her as she has already good popularity across the world. There are many accounts on social site associated with Mila Kunis but they all are fakes. In the month of Sep-2011 the Federal Board of Investigation announces that there are some elements that are found to hack the cellphones and as well personal emails accounts of Kunis. Well the relationships of Kunis were started in 2002 when she first dated with Macaulay Culkin the famous American actor and he purposed Kunis for marriage but with refusing the relations between Kunis and Macaulay ended. According to Kunis marriage is not very much important for life however she has later being dating with Ashton Kutcher.

Beautiful Pictures of Mila Kunis:

Mila is beautiful, attracted and hot female famous celebrity of Hollywood film industry which compelled us to write about her personality and personal life. We have provided you 24 beautiful widescreen pictures of Mila Kunis. The pictures given in this post have very good resolution, cute and hot. You can use these pictures as the screensavers of your PC and laptops.

That is we all have about famous American actress, complete biography and beautiful pictures. We are assured that you have enjoyed staying on platform of beautiful wallpapers and pictures relating to our daily lives. If you have questions or queries then not to hesitate to ask in comments as we will appreciate it. So enjoy beautiful pictures of your favorite American actress:-

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