Latest Pakistani Bridal Walima Dresses 2018

If you are looking for fascination Wallima dresses then you are right place because you can find 35+ pictures and photos as per your choice. Wallima is very especial event for bridals which is celebrated after the wedding day. On this memorable occasion brides are conscious to wear the beautiful Wallima dress. Fashion changes every year, every time fresh and attracted designs for Wallima dresses are being presented in the markets. Sometime it is hard to select the Wallima dress due to large number of variety available but we have made easy for bridals by giving several of beautiful and awesome looking Wallima dress designs for 2018. We feel essential to discuss about the importance of Wallima before providing you the Wallima dresses pictures.

Well Wallima is the most important part of marriage in Muslim community which is celebrated just after one day of performing Nikah. Holy Prophet (PBUH) also emphasized on Wallima alongwith Nikah. The word Wallima is derived from Arabic word “Awlam” which has meaning of marriage ceremony.  In Wallima ceremony people gathered to watch the marriage couple decorated with charming dresses. The guests, poor ones and relatives are being served with dinner/lunch. To arrange the ceremony of Wallima is the Sunnah of our beloved Holy Prophet (PBUH) and is outward expression of gratitude which is meant to spreading the marriage. Prophet (PBUH) has also asked to Hazrat Ali R.A (son in law) to organize the Wallima and then Ali R.A served the guest with meat and bread, therefore to celebrate the Wallima is the direction of Prophet (PBUH) who also performed himself. It is strongly recommended to organize the Wallima and invite the people and if you don’t you will be sinner but you should remember that Prophet (PBUH) also ordered to avoid extravagance.

In past the trend of Wallima dress was not enough famous but with the passage of time and development in fashion industry bridals have been seen to wear expensive and beautiful Wallima dresses. Normally the Wallima dresses are less heavy then wedding day dress. In these days brides love to wear long shirts with crafted Lehngas. Maxies with long shirts are also the favorite Wallima dress for brides.

Pakistani Bridal Wallima Dresses 2018:

This is the part of the post where this page is going to show you the beautiful Wallima dresses. After spending good amount of time online I came to know that people look for new and fascination Wallima dresses moreover girls are wonder about to find out the most astonishing dresses therefore this post is having many lovely Wallima dresses, Bridal Dresses 2018, attracted wedding dresses collection 2016, stunning Wallima dress designs for 2016. All dresses provided in this article are different to each other with exceptional combination of colours. We have tried best to provide you the latest and trendy Wallima dresses and hope you enjoy with us. Furthermore if you have any question in your mind please doesn’t hesitate to ask in comments because it will be highly appreciated.


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