Khana Kaba Beautiful Desktop Wallpapers Free Download

Introduction to Khana Kaba:

Khana Kaba one of the most peaceful and beautiful places in the World and Khana Kaba is the holiest place for Muslims. Allah the Almighty has ordered to Muslim through His passenger one of the great personality in the World Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to offer prayers in front of Khana Kaba. Since then Muslim across the world offer prayers in front of Holy Khana Kaba. Khana Kaba is situated in the world largest Mosque called Masjid Al Haram. When Islam was started it was the first every holly place for Muslims and Muslims respect it with the core of heart. Remember! any non-Muslim of Non-Believer is not allowed to enter the Holy Khana Kaba.

Although our topic of the post title is Khana Kaba Beautiful Desktop Wallpapers Free Download but before going towards Wallpapers we would like to share about this Holly Place in the world. The Masjid Al Haram wasn’t look like as it is today because with the passage of time changing has been made. It is the place where millions of Muslims around the world come here to fulfill their one of the most important obligation “Hajj” and do Tawaf (Complete 7 rounds the Khana Kaba). Some non-believers think that Muslims worship the Khana Kaba but there is no reality in this statement because Muslims do not consider Khana Kaba as Divine in fact they turn towards the Holly Kaba for worshiping the Allah Almighty and Allah is everywhere Who doesn’t need any place or any other sources.Cool Wallpapers of Khana Kaba

History of Khana Kaba:

The history of Khana Kaba is very old and it was last time constructed by the messenger of Allah namely Hazrat Adam A.S. With the passage of time the renovation work has been doing. Masjid Al Haram in which Khana Kaba is constructed was not big enough as concerned to area but time to time it has been extended as per requirements of people. As we have said earlier that millions of Muslims around the world perform Hajj each year on 10th of Zil-Haj therefore the extension is needed so that Muslims can perform obligations with confortable.

Khana Kaba Beautiful Wallpapers:

As we have mentioned above that Khana Kaba is the holiest place for Muslims therefore they love to have Khana Kaba Wallpapers for PC, Desktop computers and as well as Laptops so keeping in view of the choices of Muslim people we have brought some of the most stunning pictures of Holly Khana Kaba. This webpage has collection of Khana Kaba HD Wallpapers, Khana Kaba Desktop Wallpapers, Khana Kaba Background and beautiful images of Khana Kaba. Most important thing is that all Khana Kaba Wallpapers can free download and these Wallpapers are very much capable for use of Desktop Computers and Laptop. Moreover Khana Kaba Wallpapers can also be used in Smartphones of Nokia, Samsung, Q-Mobiles and all other Android phones.


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