How to Find Your Ring Size

You all will probably thinking that how is it possible to find out your ring size without trying on different rings to determine the size for your ring? Well, it isn’t that difficult as it sounds. And yes of course, the most accurate and the correct means to find out the size of your ring size is best that a jeweler does this job. But, if it is difficult to go out to the jewelry shop and get to know your ring size then simply keep reading the following instructions.

How to Find Your Ring Size

If you wish to find out your ring size: all you are required to do is cut a strip of paper (5inches long and ½ an inch wide). Then wrap the paper around your finger and by using a pen mark the area where the long end overlaps. After that, measure the marked length with a scale, once the mentioned above steps are completed then use the table to determine the closest US size. For greater and better accuracy, we strongly recommend that you use the metric side of the scale for a better result.

But, keep in mind if you have a large knuckle, you will be required to slide the ring past it. Also always remember that that the finger size is greatly affected if a normal swelling is present and also the shrinking caused by cold or hot weather, medication, physical exercises or even changes in the weight causes variation in the finger sizes.

If you’re planning to order a wider band, you might want to increase the size of it to a slight margin. If doubt lies, then it is always a better option to go for slightly larger size than a smaller one.

If you wish to get someone else’s ring size: for this purpose you need to be extra smart and sneaky! If you wish to do this then you need to slip a ring that you feel fits just perfect over a taper candle (or even on your own finger) until the moment the ring stops. For a better accuracy and more consistent results, mark the candle or your own finger below and above the edges of the ring used, and then repeat the same procedure discussed above to get an accurate size of the ring.

The mentioned above procedures are very simple and easy if proper concentration is given while measuring the size of the ring. Follow the mentioned above steps and your work will be done will excellent accuracy!

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