Hollywood Actress Angelina Jolie Biography and HD Wallpapers

Angeline Jolie is well-known American celebrity who lives in the heart of people. The post which has been written by personnel of http://awazpost.com/ is the need of people across the world. The stunning wallpapers of stunning American star are the part of this post and can be found at the end of this page.

Biography of Angelina Jolie:

Angelina Jolie is the most famous and popular Hollywood actress, author director and screenwriter. The birth name of Angelina Jolie is Angelina Jolie Voight. The meanings of name of Angelina Jolie are “Pretty Little Angle Angelina was born on 4th of June 1975 in Los Angeles California, America. It has been usually said on media that Angelina Jolie is the world’s beautiful women.  Angelina is the daughter of famous actor Jon Voight and Marcheline Betrand. The parents of Angelina Jolie separated in her childhood and then she started to live with her mother. Later on the mother of Angelina got marriage with Bill Day and they moved to New York where she got education there and graduated from High schools. Angelina had interest in films in her early age as she watches Hollywood films in routine. The childhood of Angelina was happy as she collects snakes and lizards, mother said. Angelina attended acting classes at 14 years of age moreover she also has attending the theater classes.

Relationship of Angeline Jolie:

Angelina was only 14 years when she had serious relationship with her boyfriend and the mother of Angelina given permission to her boyfriend for living Angelina Jolie with but later on this relation broken and Angelina stepped into acting world. When Angeline worked in Hackers film in 1995 she had romantic relationship with Jonny Lee Miller who is British actor and this relationship was turned into marriage but could not succeed as marriage ends on 3rd of February 1999. Angelina had much relationship in her life.Beautiful Wallpapers of Angeline Jolie

Professional Career of Angelina Jolie:

We are here for the reason as titled Hollywood Actress Angelina Jolie Biography and HD Wallpapers but we think it is necessity to discuss about Angelina Jolie before going to have beautiful wallpapers of Angelina Jolie. Angelina initiated early career with modeling at Los Angeles and London. She has been wearing black dresses most of times during modeling. She has been living with her boyfriend and when this relation ended she started to live in apartment which was next to her mother’s home. Moreover it has also been reported that Angelina has been taking some drugs.

Although Angelina starts her career as a child star but she become the popular in the largest film industry “Hollywood” in 1998 when Angelina won the Golden Globe Award due to excellent performance in TNT’s George Wallace. Not to forget the purpose of writing this article was to given information about Angeline Jolie Biography and HD Wallpapers. After that she started to receive many offers for working in films so she gained her name in famous actresses on Hollywood film industry. During the period of 2001 to 2005 Angeline got real international popularity when she worked in action and comedy film Mr. & Mrs. Smith. It was perhaps best film of Angelina Jolie which got enough admiration at international level. Angelina Jolie is on peak at the moment in the Hollywood film industry due to her tremendous working talent and determination. The most popular films of Angelina Jolie are as George Wallace, Gia, Girl Interrupted, Changeling, A Mighty Heart, The Tourist and in the Land of Blood and Honey. Angelina won many awards for her exceptional acting. With the passage of time she become director, screenwriter and as well author.

HD Wallpapers of Angelina Jolie:

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