Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in the World 2018

Every educated, skilled and well-versed person wants to earn high. Lots of increase in prices of livelihood items has made difficult to live therefore, it is the need of time to earn decent amount of money for better and prosperous life. Many or us suffering from low income or unemployment. There are many fields of job but today I am going to share with you some fields of jobs that salary your a lot.

I spent good amount of time online and offline to bring best for my valuable users for the purpose of top 10 highest paying jobs in the World 2018. After my great concentration towards the purpose of writing this post I found that healthcare is the top field amongst all. The detail about top 10 highest paying jobs is depicted below:-

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in the World 2018


Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in the World 2017

Doctors and physicians are being given very high respect in the world. Excellent salary package and lots of benefits are offered on monthly bases to such kind of people. The highest earning persons in the world are doctors, surgeons & physicians. The main responsibilities of these personalities are to diagnose, treatment and surgeries. Usually undergraduate degree program and after that 04 years of medical school is required to become a doctor.

There are many other short and long term courses which are considered essential for a professional doctor and physicians. The average annual salary of a professional doctor is about $200,000 to $250,000 including many other benefits such as free medical facility, free luxury transport, trips and well-furnished residence. Read More about Online Jobs in Pakistan and do for getting handsome pocket money in your spare time.


Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in the World 2017

It is another professional related to the field of medical. Due to spicy meals, fast food items and drinking of alcohol etc. the deceases of teeth are very common in these days. Once you have presented yourself before a dentist he will diagnose problem and recommend you an extensive procedure of treatment, therefore there is huge demand of dentists in the world. Dentists are usually referred to well-compensated for their specialized skills. Extraordinary job environment is being provided to such kind of people. As the demand of dentists is very high therefore the salary is also very high. In recent few years the ratio of dentist increased. In these days a dentist gets home about $200,000 annually.

Chief Executive Officers (CEO):

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in the World 2017

The Chief Executive Officer is considered the backbone of a company or a business. There are many responsibilities which have to perform to a CEO like that creating, communicating, implementing and managing. The job descriptions vary from organization to organization. The persons have been done managerial courses and those having good experience are given preference to a non-experienced person. Due to high-profile services a CEO is provided annually salary approximately to $180,000. Life insurance, residence, medical facilities, transport facilities and many other fringe benefits are rewarded to a CEO working in well reputed organization or firm.

Software Developers:


It is the era of internet, computers and smartphones. Software developers are referred to IT professionals or IT expert. In these day every company have plan to develop a new app or software. The value of software developers are more than a doctor or a physician however, the salary of the software developer is realistically low than a doctor. Company or organization requires degree holders however; persons with extra courses in this field have more chances to be appointed. As per stats a software developer earns upto $160,000 annually. A well-equipped residence, car, medication and other facilities are being provided to developers.

Market Managers:


Market mangers are referred to promote the products and services of specified company. Commonly the required education for marketing person is Master in Business Administration-Marketing (MBA). The market managers supervise the activities being done for promotion of products. Our world have been become globalized, so there are hundreds of ways to get place in markets at national and international levels and these have to be done by market managers. The managers having knowledge about IT are given preference for job. A multinational or local company hires a market manager on approximately on annual salary of $140,000. The rate of salary can be ups and down however it is really good salary for a person who works as market manager.

Computer Systems Analyst:


As we all are well aware from the importance of computer. The availability of computer can be found in any company or even a distributer unit. Therefore the post of computer systems analyst is available everywhere. The competition for this post is very high so as salary. A computer system analysts must have knowledge about hardware, software and as well as networking. Sometime too many computers are used in an office and to connect each computer with other is never an easy task, however the system analyst should be capable to perform such task efficiently. There are many benefits to work as computer system analyst and as per recent stats reveals that a system analyst gets home about $115,000 to $120,000 per year.

Mechanical Engineers:


Engineering in any field is an money-making profession, however mechanical engineering is the field which has so much demand in the world. There is huge salary is being given to a mechanical engineer especially in European and Arabian countries. A engineer at least should have a degree for having good job. The mechanical engineers are warmly welcomed in companies, multinational offices, local places and as well as at govt. level. There is so much work which has to be done by mechanical engineer. It is view of that an engineer earns approximately about $100,000 per year.

Database Administrators:


A database administrator also known as DBA is responsible to perform task such as integrity and security of database system. A database administrator plays vital role towards the development of business, therefore it is the reason he should be well aware from latest tools available online to protect and manage database system in proper manner because it is everything for a business and company. If a problem befalls than it is the duties of DBA is to troubleshot / irradiate and solve it on urgent basis. The working time period of DBA is 40 hours per week and if he/she works more than stipulated time than he will be given extra money other than salary. The annual average salary of Database Administrator is $80,000.



The job in finance or banking field is exceptional. Everyone likes to work in good and peaceful environment and the field of banking is incomparable. The bankers have to deal with finance matters. There are hundreds of banks in every country of the world and plenty of opportunities are always opened for persons who have the degrees of MBA Finance. A banker has many facilities while working such as residence, car, medical facility and much more. The average monthly salary of person working in bank is about $70,000 annually.



If you are professional in teaching than there are many job placements available for you in the world. It is a very respectful profession as there is so much respect of a teacher in the world. The teacher specialized in specific subject is preferable to be appointed in schools, colleges and universities. It is better to master level degree for a good opportunity in this field. The salary of teacher starts low as from $70,000 annually, however with the passage of time it gets increased at good level. Free residency, transport facilities, and other assistances are provided with due respect.

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