10 Different Ways to Wear A Scarf in 2018

The trend of wearing Scarf has now been considered essential part of fashion which gives extra touch to your personality. Women and girls have been found to wear scarf in winter and summer too. In the summer season scarf women tie it loose because your neck may expose and as well as in winter spell women wrap the scarf around neck to protect from cold. The reason behind wearing a scarf in cold days is obviously to prevent you from cold wind that can be caused of flu or feverish.

On the other hand in summer season scarf is being worn to save you from boiling son. Women have always been found to create new object in fashion and versatility of scarf is one of them. Furthermore physicians have also recommended scarf because there are several health benefits of wearing scarfs. While observing online for new fashion I surprised to know women are wondering about for new and stylish ways to wear scarf so I decided to compose a post in which 10 different types of wearing scarf that can bring extra beauty to your beautiful personality which have been discussed below in details:

Take A Bow:

Super Stylish Ways to Tie a Scarf
Steal the show in this sophisticated look. Wrap your scarf taughtly around your neck and tie the loose edges into a bow at the side. This is a perfect way to take workwear to the next level. Pair this scarf with a button down blouse and a printed penal skirt.

The Icon:

Style Tips On How To Wear and Tie A Scarf For Any ...
Channel oldies icons like Grace Kelly by wrapping a scarf round your head and letting the loose edge drape around one shoulder. To perfect this old Hollywood glam, we recommended pairing this with some killer cateye sunglasses.

Totes Cool:

How to tie a scarf five different ways
Tying your scarf around the handle of your bag is totes cool this summer. This is nice way to wear scarf and enhance the beauty of your body. It is the perfect way to add a touch of colour or print to a basic outfit.


different ways to wear a scarf on your head
Stay right on trend by wrapping your scarf around your hips and tying the ends together on one side. This look is the perfect accoutrement to a post-poolside dip.

The Cape:

different ways to wear a scarf around your neck
Comfort exudes confidence. By draping your scarf over both shoulders like a shawl, you are prepared for a cool summer breeze. Pair this look will give you more gorgeousness to attract the attentions of others.

Swept Away:

different ways to wear a scarf in the summer

For an effortless cool factor, drape the scarf around the neck and sweep one end over your shoulder. To dress up you look, wear your hair up to showcase this effortless elegance.

The Faux-nut:

different ways to wear a scarf in the winter
Stay tres chic by polishing off your look in a clean, classic scarf. By wrapping your scarf taughtly around your neck and tucking the edge inside, you open up the neckline. Throw on a cropped tweed jacket for the final touch.

Pull Through:

different ways to wear a scarf for women
For an interesting aesthetic, fold your scarf in half, drape it around your neck and pull one edge though the opening. This will surely pull though in keeping you warm for the cooler months.

It’s A Wrap:

different ways to wear a scarf step by step
Apply the finishing tough to your look by wrapping your scarf once around your neck so the edges drape in front. Take on this tactic if your top makes a statement.

Hang Loose:

How To Wear A Scarf In Your Hair Ideas And Hacks
Get back to basic by draping your scarf around your neck. This bohochic look plays with lengths and looks gnarly with a cropped leather jacket as the weather cools down.

Different ways discussed overhead under the title of 10 Different Ways to Wear Scarf especially written for the women who are in search of the mentioned. We have tried level best to define the importance of scarf and attract ways.  Moreover we have also uploaded some beautiful ways to wear the scarf to facilitate our users:-

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