Different Types of Perms with Pictures

Attractive, beautiful and charming hairstyles always play dynamic role to make girls & women more fascinated and gorgeous. After spending a good amount of time online I found that there is huge demand and trend of perms style hair fashion therefore this topic brought the post of Different Types of Perms with Pictures because every woman wants to decorate her hairs. Perm hair styles are found to maintain easy and cute looking. There are several of perms hairstyles but we are going to discuss some of the more popular styles here.

Body Wave Perm:

Body wave perm is the most famous type of perm hairstyle which is adopted thousands of women; however it is suited for the girls having square faces. It can be easy to maintain with flat and thin hairs that gives you cute looking with more volume and waves but women with straight and curly hairs can also experience with it.  Having this style your hair will be able to long and large curls. When body wave perm is properly applied on hairs it makes your hairs natural looking. Normally 1 to 2 hours are required to fulfill the task but it can take some extra time as depending the length of your hairs. You should remember that it is not an easy job to do because some kinds of chemicals are being used to apply body wave perm style that can damage skin. You are recommended to take extra care during procedure to get rid of any problem. It is also strongly suggested that don’t try to experiment in home because if it gets wrong then your hairs will lead to frizzy.

Spot Perm:

If you want to make some part of your hairs curly then Spot Perm will be best option for you. It is more suitable & reliable for women that have uneven hairs because after applying this style on your hairs can cause to increase volume and give you excellent look. Moreover spot perm style is also useful to those who have thin hairs and hazard to loss them.

Alkaline Perms:

Alkaline perms is one of the most famous and liking perm style and reason behind is that it is easy to apply and remain permanent for long time. If you are in hurry and want to make your hairs stylish then alkaline perms would be your first choice because the procedure of applying this style on your hair takes less time. The other name of Alkaline is “Cold Perm”. The chemical used in this procedure are ammonium thioglyclote, and as well as active chemical which causes nasty smell however these chemicals have wonderful results on hairs like thick and coarse hairs.  At the same time it is also informed you that the chemicals used in this method are danger to your head skin but carefully applied can avoid any dangerous.

Exothermic Perms:

Exothermic perms also known as exothermic waves are the style which is done by self -timing and heating as well. During the process chemicals automatically react and reaction creates internally heat which helps to make hair bouncy and waved.  Exothermic style is the well-known and celebrity adopted style which can make your personality awesome looking.  Plus point of Exothermic Perms is that women that have scrawny and flimsy hairs can also apply this style.

So these were some of the distinguished perms styles have talked about above. You have done perms on your hairs now wait at least for 24 hours to accomplish you target but if you do this there are many possibilities you may not get your desired result. I would like to recommend the women and girls before going to apply any kind of perm method make sure you have done all necessary measures because carelessness can lead to problems such as scalp damage, hair damage, re-growth damage, texture damage etc.

The main purpose of writing this post which has titled “Different Types of Perms with Pictures” is to provide you the latest and fashioned perm hairstyles. We have provided you different kinds of 30+ perms hairstyle here and hoped you have enjoyed with us. Have any question or feedback please doesn’t forget to ask in comments.


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