Book Your Ufone Number Online

Recently, Ufone came up with an amazing offer for its U customers. This offer can be availed by any Ufone member. They are offering not hundreds, not thousands but they’ve got a million of special numbers to offer in their tank. So, everyone who always wanted a number of their choice can now have it by just booking their Ufone number online.

Book Your Ufone Number Online

This offer by Ufone offers you to select and book one or even more numbers of your choice. The number that you select can be totally of your own choice such as, your wedding date, your date of birth, car number, house number or any of your lucky and favorite digits, in short it can be absolutely anything!

The numbers offered by Ufone are available for every Ufone customer. Anyone who is not satisfied with the coverage of their respected network can now easily switch to Ufone by availing this once in a lifetime offer. Ufone not only offers such deals, but it also delivers what it promises. In order to book your Special Number dial *100# from your Ufone number or simply follow the following steps if you’re not a current customer of Ufone.

Terms & Conditions Apply:

1)    Charges that will be applied to search a number each time through *0000Rs.1 + tax

2)    Once you book the number it has to be collected within 5 days of booking from any Ufone Franchise/Service Centre, failing to complete the requirement may cancel the booking

3)    While you purchase the SIM, you are required to bring along your valid CNIC

4)    Purchase price of the SIM including taxes will be paid by the customer

5)    This offer can be availed by all the Ufone customers (Postpaid & Prepaid)

6)    Booking of the number totally depends on the availability of the stock

7)    There will be no special charges charged to any number

8)    No charges will be applied if you look for/book any number on the website

9)    Customers of other networks also have the liberty to visit our website to look for number and book any special number

10)   Ufone holds the right to change or cancel the offer anytime they wish to

11)  Using a SIM which is not registered in your name or even allowing other individuals to use your SIM is a crime – PTA

12)  FED of 19,5%on usage and various other taxes on recharge of bill will be applied

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