Top 10 Best Yoga DVDs for Beginners 2018

We have become habitant to eat spicy, oily and fast food meals. We forget the instructions of doctors while eating delicious but harmful food items, therefore every second person is suffering from disease in these days. On other hand people are becoming patients of depression, high blood pressure, heart problems due to tensions. Some dishearten and disappointed persons join gym which is never a task to be done with ease.  So question is that what could be done in this confusing and hustle bustle life? It is the question which is answered here.

It is the ambition of every person that he/she want to remain active and strengthen and there is nothing other than Yoga for accomplishing the desires of people. Yes! Yoga has become famous weapons of people for proper health and fitness. It helps to increase strength, makes muscles strong, reduces stress, and as well as improves health.  To start yoga exercise, you need a trained instructor or you will go for instructions material. Especially Beginners are conscious to know about best DVDs for Yoga and to help those one I have brought a post under title

Top 10 Best Yoga DVDs for Beginners 2018

that will provide assistance that they want:-

Yoga for Beginners by Barbara Benagh:

Top 10 Best Yoga DVDs for Beginners 2017

Yoga for beginners is the best DVD for the people who have decided to keep fit and healthy with yoga exercise. It is introduced by Barbara Benagh who is professional in this field since 35 years.  It is a perfect DVD wherein you can learn the ins and outs of basic yoga in proper manner. You will feel comfortable and relax by adopting the tips and instructions given in the film.  There are plenty of benefits of this dvd and one of them is that movements are slow and controlled with great cueing for proper learning. This yoga DVD contains 8 routines focusing on different areas of yoga like that hip openers, backbends, poses etc. The price of Yoga for beginners is $15.

Yoga for Beginners Program by Rodney Yee:

Top 10 Best Yoga DVDs for Beginners 2017

Yoga training program by Rodney Yee is another splendid course for beginners. It was released in the year 2009. The DVD contains skillful two yoga workouts, tips and special hints. There is especial thing about this program is that guidances has been provided in the DVD about how to avoid the mistakes during exercise. This product is designed for those who want to live fit and healthy.  The product can be purchased on official website of Rodney and also available on If you are thinking to start yoga exercise then there is nothing best for you without this DVD. The price of this DVD is $9.77.

Yoga Meltdown by Jillian Michaels (2010):

Who don’t know about Jillian Michaels? Well she is well-trained, top-ranked and professional yoga teacher belonged to America. She has been found interesting in this field since her earlier career. She particularly started to introduce the application of yoga workouts. The tips and instructions given in this DVD help to promote macules and provide good shape to body. You can find everything in this DVD whatever you want. The reviews of this product have been good. The people who purchased it and tried found it best. I also recommend this product for beginners. The price of this product is about $6.89.

Element Hatha & Flow Yoga for Beginners:

It is the product designed by Tamal Dodge. He is famous yoga teacher and as well as professional trainer. The DVD is consisted on 02 hours and 30 minutes which will give you proper guidance towards yoga. Yoga is basically performed to keep fit and strong and after watching the DVD I am surprised that how beautifully he has provided supervision to beginners.  It is a great gift for anyone which works for you as per your ambition. There are many modification are being offered in this DVD and allow to participate to internalize the movement, steady the mind and much more. The price of this DVD is $6.69. The DVD can be purchased on

Elements of Yoga, Air & Water Flow by Tara Lee:

This is an advanced DVD which is especially designed for beginners. It contains plenty of important steps which help for healthy life. It is designed by the Tara Lee who is famous London based yoga instructor. He has especially designed elements of yoga series for people. This DVD consisted of approximately 70 minutes and each part of DVD provides different kind of exercise. Around one hour of yoga exercise designed by Tara Lee can make big difference in your health. The price of DVD on Amazon is $11.99. It is the ranked at 5 in the list of top 10 best DVD for beginners however I would suggest to but it due to its exceptional features.

Yoga for Beginners & Beyond by Michael Wohl:

Yoga for beginners & beyond is directed by Michael Wohl. This dvd gives encouragements to beginners who want to start yoga exercise. Modification of poses for less-flexible people, more than 40 routines for wide range of needs & bonus footages of Dalai Lama are the main features of this DVD. DVD will provide you complete guidance regarding yoga practices. This product is especially designed to the people who are found in tensions such as headaches indigestion. If you are beginners in yoga exercise and want to have purchased a dvd than there is nothing better other than Yoga for Beginners & Beyond. The price of this DVD is $24.97.

Yoga for the Warrior by Bob Harper:

Yoga for the warrior DVD which was released in 2010 is the exceptional product for beginners. It is directed by Darren Caprik. Who don’t know about Bob Harper? Well he is famous and professional trainer of yoga exercise. Traditional yoga techniques have been learnt. Overweight has been the issue with many of us since a long and good thing about this DVD is that it helps to reduce your weight. There are many supplements and other weight lose medicines however definitely have bad affects to health but continuously exercise of yoga instructed by Bob will make your body slim and smart.

Power Yoga, Total Body Workout:

It is another great product for yoga beginners released designed by Rodney Yee.  It was released in 2005. You will be able to find out many techniques and tactics by watching this DVD. It helps to promote stamina in your body and detoxify as well. Power yoga total body workout consists of approximately 75 minutes. Reviews of the people against this product have been splendid therefore due to excellent reviews and personal experience I would like to suggest you to purchase this DVD for healthy, fit and prosperous life. This product is easily available online however, It can be purchased from pricing to $10.18.

Complete First Session of Namaste Yoga:

This is the product which I personally feel that everyone should have at home. There are many benefits of complete first session DVD. It is an expensive one but really helpful for making your figure accurate and fit as per your requirements. The DVD contained 13 different episodes and each episode is consisted of 22 minutes. If have plan to workout complete body through yoga than there is nothing better than Complete First Session of Namaste Yoga. The price of this product is $49.98.

Element Pilates Weight Loss for Beginners:

If you are overweight and want to lose quickly and naturally than purchase element pilates weight loss for beginners. It is especially designed for the purpose of fit and slim body. It has been noticed with great concerns that people didn’t consult with professional that what is the best for them? So what happens they face problems instead of positive result?  This product has been certified by professionals therefore you are recommended this product for the purpose of weight loss. The price value of this product is $6.65.

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