Top 10 Best Garage Door Openers 2018

The construction of garage is the safest and protective way to keep your car secure from vandalism and thieves. People have become very ingenious in these days therefore almost every home contains a garage or in other words a home is considered incomplete without a garage. The installation of reliable door is must for garage. Well! You have garage, installed a precious door and now what you need is that a valuable, easiest and comfortable door opener that can help to close & open garage door.

A garage open is the tool that you must have, so you have to spend a small amount to save big losses. A qualitative garage opener will provide protection to your car and material available in the garage. You may find plenty of garage openers available in markets and online but what is best? To purchase a best garage opener is a challenging task however I have brought superb solution of it because I am going to share a list of top 10 best garage door openers 2016 which definitely help you to purchase best one.

Chamberlain Premium Whisper Drive:

Chamberlain Premium Whisper Drive
It is the best garage door opener that is why it is ranked at top in the list of top 10 best garages 2015. There are plenty of exceptional features of this product and foremost is that there is battery backup system by default so during absence of electricity it still works. You can also set a timer of one minute, five minutes and as well as 10 minutes as per your need to automatically close garage door. ¾ horsepower motor is installed in this product. During the process of opening and closing of garage door normally some openers make extra noise which is definitely alarming however, feature WD962KEV installed in Chamberlain Premium Whisper Drive helps to reduce noise. The price of product is $252. The following are major features of this article:-

  • Battery backup
  • Motion sensor
  • Timer to close
  • Smooth open and close

Chamberlain Ultra Quiet:

Chamberlain Ultra QuietUltra Quiet is another exceptional product by Chamberlain ultra. Chamberlain is the world’s most reliable, efficient, and cost effective home control product. The company is producing qualitative products to facilitate the people since 1909. Well comes to ultra-quiet, this is the product which is designed as per the requirement of people to secure their expensive vehicles. The reviews against this product by the people have been marvelous. The product contained excellent features. 3 Lithium ion batteries are built in which sufficient even in nonappearance of power.

The door of garage automatically closed in case you have forgotten to close it.  One of the great of this product is that it is also compatible with chamberlain’s MyQ technology systems that allow you to control, monitor, close and open the door with your smartphone. The price value of this product is about $178. It can be purchased from

Liftmaster 8550 Elite Series:Liftmaster 8550 Elite Series

Secure your expensive vehicle with lifmaster 8550 Elite Series. It is reliable, wonderful battery backup & automatically open and closes even absence of electricity. It ensures complete protection to your family and things. MyQ technology is also the part of this product which means that even you are far away from home you can open and close the door with smartphone or laptop.

Auto-force feature consistently observe garage door system and automatically adjust forces to temperature fluctuations, door track movement and much more. Lifetime manufacture warranty for motor and belt, 05 years parts warranty, and as well as 01 year battery backup warranty is provided. So I will recommend this garage door opener to everyone because it’s admirable features. The value of product is $236.

Craftsman Garage Door Opener ¾ HP Chain Drive:Craftsman Garage Door Opener ¾ HP Chain Drive

It is the product designed by Sears Brands which is known for its high quality product in the world. This is a powerful door opener which is capable to lift the doors that have weight more than 500 ponds due to its high horsepower. It contains automatic light sensor so whenever you are going to enter in the garage a light automatically lightened. The product has been getting extremely positive reviews as far as concerned to security features.

The security features of Craftsman Garage Door Opener ¾ HP Chain Drive are marvelous which provide complete security to your costly belongings kept in garage therefore I have list it @ No.4 in the best garage door opener. The price of product is $250 however price can be varied.

Chamberlain PD752 Power Drive:Chamberlain PD752 Power Drive

It is powerful reliable, important and much stronger product which also comes Chamberlain.  There are several exceptional features of PD752 such as durability, lifting capability, self-timer and security measures. There is no noise problem in this product. The feature of safety measure reserve and lift the door instantly if anyone comes underneath it. The automatic lights of this product take upto 4 minutes to close so you can easily get to home after parking the vehicle. If I call it one of the best garage door opener then it will be not wrong because its features and matchless. The price of Chamberlain PD752 Power Drive is $219.

Craftsman ½ HP Belt Drive:Craftsman ½ HP Belt Drive

The horsepower of craftsman ½ HP Belt Drive is less than as compare to others however, there are great features of this product I have listed in the 6th position in the list of best garage door openers. There is a belt system in this product instead of chain. The safety features of this item match with ¾ horsepower like that you can feel comfortable to park a valuable vehicle in the garage whose door is closed with Craftsman ½ HP Belt Drive. The motor warranty of this object is 10 years which means that you can easily trust on motor quality. It is the product by Sears so whenever any assistance is required by a representative will quickly come to you for help. The price of this product is $178.

Sommer ¾ HP Direct Driver:Sommer ¾ HP Direct Driver

Sommer ¾ HP Direct Driver is powerful product which holds motor of ¾ horsepower. Majority of garage openers move along the rail while Sommer drive directly so noise will be nominal. It can lift the door of weight upto 500 ponds with ease and noiseless. Safety has also been excellent as sensors instantaneously feel the smell of a person or a object and instantly stop to more.  The important thing about product is that there is lifetime warranty of Sommer ¾ Direct Drive. Any parts including batteries and motor can be replaced if it gets out of order. The price of this product is $228.

Genie QuietLift 800:Genie QuietLift 800

Genie Quietlift 800 is excellent garage door opener product. It contains ½ horsepower DC motor and the installation of this product is very much easy. Genie has the facility to lift the door of 500 ibs in weight and 7 feet in height. Company provided ten year motor warranty and one year part warranty. The sensors are exceptional as whenever a person or object comes to close it automatically stop to work.  You have been given a guidance or manual book with however if you have misplaced it so can be downloaded from official website of the company.  The price of this item is also reasonable. This can be purchased from paying &167.

Genie Chain Lift 800:Genie Chain Lift 800

Once again a product form genie. It is reliable, hardworking and strong garage door opener and competes with the best garage door opener 2015. ½ horsepower motor is installed in it. The features of the genie chain lift 800 are also remarkable. The standard safety features are matchless to any other as even a kid, cat or ball comes to close it stop instantly.  Furthermore if you have any problem regarding opener you can contact with supporting staff for help through email or telephone. The reviews of this product have been great therefore I recommended this product for your garage door. The price of this machine is $147.

Chamberlain PD610D Power Drive:Chamberlain PD610D Power Drive

Chamberlain has been doing marvelous job in the field of garage door opener. It introduced another product PD610 Power Driver which is a reliable, powerful and long life machine. It can bear weight upto 300 ponds and for over-weight you are recommended ¾ horsepower opener. The security features help to protect your vehicles from criminals. This product is also useful for garage door opener. It can be purchased from market, official website of chamberlain and as well as The price of chamberlain PD610D Power Drive is $138.

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