Top 10 Best Affiliate Programs 2018

Affiliation marketing also referred to online marketing is the great system for commercialized the company products. It also creates earning opportunities for bloggers and webmasters who are called publishers. A publisher promotes products online of company and it causes so much sales to company. In rewards of sales a publisher is being paid high commission usually 40% to 70% on each product that is sold through affiliation. With the emergence of search engines, the internet ballooned into gigantic online way and information machine.

At present almost everyone has access over internet and it is predicted by IT specialist that in forthcoming availability of internet will be essential for human beings as Oxygen. Furthermore we cannot disobey the importance of social media websites that are playing dynamic roles to promote and expand the business. In other words affiliation marketing is beneficial both for merchants and affiliate marketers. When I was searching online for best affiliation corporation I faced too much difficulties so I decided to provide complete guidance and a list of consisted on top 10 best affiliation networks / programs for bloggers and webmasters.

Amazon Associate Program:

Amazon is the king in the world of affiliated programs / networks.  Amazon is the American electronic commerce company which was found by Jeff Bezos in the month of July, 1994. Jeff Bezos is the Chairman, President and as well as Chief Executive Officer of the company. The famous products of the company are DVDs, CDs, VHSs, Video & MP3 streaming, Video games, electronics items, food, furniture, toys, Jewelry, books, e-books and much more. The Headquarter of the company is located in Seattle, Washington and there are several sub offices of the company found in many other countries.

Affiliation program in Amazon is referred to Associates Program. It is very simple to start your earnings with Amazon because the terms and conditions of the company are not strict at all. Everyone is warmly welcomed in the program but it is better to have a well reputed website / blog. Wide range of text and pictures based advertisement is offered to its customers and whenever a visitor buys any item through affiliated advertisement you will be paid commission of upto 10%. Moreover any customer through referral buy anything on the amazon’s official website will help you to earn.  People have been found to earn millions of dollars through amazon so if you have quality content on your website then there is no alternative to Amazon.

Rakuten LinkShare:


 Link share is exceptional affiliation platform expended worldwide. It helps to make great relationship between publisher and advertiser. Rakuten LinkShare affiliate network which provides the services like e-commerce business and affiliation marketing. It was found by Stephen Messer and Heidi Messer in 1996. Yaz Lida is the Presidnet and as well as Chief Executive Officer of the Company. It also offered premier services in which you may get countless opportunities to earn big amount using your content uploaded on blogs and websites.

More than 25,00 affiliation programs are available and you can select program which suits you. The management system is very easy and reliable. Furthermore the staff of company is very much supportive as they response you quickly on availability of time. Handsome amount can be earned on this program.


ShareASale is another great affiliate marketing network situated in Chicago, USA. It was established in 2000 by Brian Littleton who also the president of the company. It is one of the largest online marketing programs in America. As per recent record, more than 4,000 merchant using this platform to expand their business and sale of products. We have placed it at 3rd in the list of top 10 best affiliate programs online. ShareASale has been highly rating due to excellent services provided to publishers and as well as advertisers. Publishers have plenty of opportunities to earn with this.

Google Affiliate Network:

 Google has done plenty of work to promote adsense and other program but in affiliation field they are continuously trying to improve it but despite of this it is number 4th best affiliation program at the present. This program helps advertisers to increase sales. On the hands publishers have chance to monetize their quality contents and earn reasonable amount. Google Affiliation program is based on pay per action in which a publisher is paid high commission on each sale. This program is not available for ever one because it is for those who are having Google adsense account.

eBay Partner Network:

 eBay Partner Network is very much similar to Amazon. It is Multinational Corporation and e-commerce Company located in USA. It is created by Pierre Omidyar who was a Iranian-American computer programmer. The Headquarter of the company is found in San Jose, CA, United States. The Chairman of the Company is Pierre Omidyar and Chief Executive Officer is John Donahoe. The products of the company are eBay Classified, electronics commerce, gumtree, online auction for hosting, paypal, iBazar and as well as Gittigidiyor. Online shopping is the additional service which is being provided to the people. You can sale plenty of items and earn good amount.

Click Bank:

Click Bank is private online marketplace for digital information products. It was formed by Tim and Eileen Barber in 1998. The Headquarter of the company is assembled in United States of America. The company claimed that they paid approximately $1.8 billion to affiliations in the year of 2011. Click Bank pays highest commission upto 70% on each sale of product. The commission of the product is paid on weekly basis.


It is trustable marketing company that provides opportunities to advertisers to meet their goals. Publishers are also warmly welcomed by the company because a high paid commission is waiting for them. The hometown of the company is located in Victoria alongwith international offices located in Los Angeles, London and Hong Kong. You may find tons of products to promote online and

CPA Affiliate Networks:

It is a cos per action affiliate networks just like to Neveblue. There are plenty of CPA network available online but as far as concerned to CPA Affiliate network it has been found best in services and exceptional in paying. There are plenty of item are available to promote them online and earn good amount. People with quality contents have been seen to earn thousands of Dollars with it. The most popular products of the company are online games, dating websites, and countless free software.

Affiliate Window:

It is the best affiliate program especially for countries like Europe, USA and surrounding areas but they are looking for expand the business across the world. Publishers are easy to start work with Affiliate Window.


Link Connector is the affiliate marketing network which is helping out advertisers and publishers. There are lots of products available to sale online using blogs and as well as websites. This program is for all such as small publishers and large publishers. A handsome amount is waiting for you if you are interesting.

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